Its all about the bird.

A turkey should be in front and center of your table - whether it's roasted, grilled or fried. 

Keep in mind that the cooking usually takes several hours, so be sure to get an ealry start.


The other stuff is important too.

It's notThanksgiving without cornbread, stuffing, candied yams, macaroni and cheese and cranberry sauce. 

Don't forget the dutch apple pie with a giant scoop of vanilla icecream. Pumkin pie is a must!


Put on the Christmas music

Thanksgiving is the offical start of the holiday season - which means it's normally acceptable to turn up your favoraite Christmas album/CD/Alexa.


Be grateful

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude.  My family's tradition is to go around the room and share 3 things you are greatful for.  It's an emotional game for my family , so it brings everyone closer together.



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